celebration package

(Home cooked buffet)

Subject to availability


Additional pax @ RM20

RM 380  for 10 pax


RM 580 for 20 pax

Additional pax @ RM20

1 D'Garden Platter

1 Appetizer

1 Main Dish

1 Meat

1 Veg

1 Dessert

1 Drink


Above package includes:


3 hours usage of venue (Rm50/hr for extension)


Buffet Table Setup with Roll Top Chafing Dish


1 Set of Tableware with serviette per pax


Music player with speaker 

vegetarian options available

vegetarian ITEMS / options available

Main dishes

Tomyum beehoon 东炎米粉


Savory kampong fried noodle 家乡炒面


D'Garden original fragrant fried rice 炒饭


Wok fried chives kuay teow 韭菜炒粿条

Home style fried bee hoon 炒米粉

Meat dishes (chicken | Pork | Vegetarian 

Full flavoured turmeric fried chicken 黄姜香脆炸鸡

Stir fried basil leaves chicken/pork 泰式九层塔炒鸡/猪肉

Aromatic curry chicken with potatoes 咖喱鸡 

Exquisite homemade chinese red wine fried chicken 自制红酒糟炸鸡

Butter fragrant chicken dice with cashew nuts ​奶油香鸡丁

Luscious braised pork 蒜卤三层肉

Braised chicken feet with 'blue ginger' 

OR kampong egg with tofu 焖凤爪/卤豆腐鸡蛋

Ginger & onion stir-fry lean pork 炒姜葱瘦肉

Family recipe meuy chye with fresh pork & peanuts 特味五花肉焖花生梅菜

Vegetarian mutton rendang with homemade spice mix & potatoes 仁当素羊肉

Tomyum vegetarian fish 东炎素鱼

veggie | Home Brewedsoup

Healthy salad with roasted sesame sauce 日式芝麻酱沙拉

Luo Han Zhai 罗汉斋

Seasonal green vegetables 蔬菜/瓜/豆

Fried savory pumpkin in light batter 特制炸金瓜

Home Brewed Soup

Base choice

pork rib 排骨| chicken 鸡肉| vegetarian mock meat 素料

Soup Flavour

lotus root with peanuts 莲藕花生| radish 白萝卜| sze chuan vegetable 四川菜| seaweed egg, with vinegar 紫菜蛋|

winter melon 冬瓜 | kelp 海带

Appetizer | Side Dish

Refreshing acar - special house seasoning mix of fresh pineapple,

cucumber & home grown gingerflower 特制啊渣

Assorted mini sliced cakes 迷你蛋糕

Seasonal fruits platter 新鲜水果盘

Assorted traditional kuehs 传统娘惹糕


Light creamy beancurd soup with fresh

gingko nuts & barley 腐竹薏米汤

Gula melaka gandum dessert soup 大麦

Nourishing white fungus

with longan & red date soup 白木耳龙眼清汤

Traditional red bean soup 红豆汤

Homemade fresh coconut agar agar 鲜椰/红糖燕菜

Chilled grass jelly longan 仙草龙眼


Fresh iced lemon tea 冰柠檬茶

Fresh iced lime juice 冰酸甘水

Homecooked winter melon barley - hot 冬瓜薏米

Homecooked red date ginger tea - hot 红枣姜茶

Home brewed herbal tea - hot 凉茶

Warm pandan leaves water 香兰叶水



premium add -ons

(Minimum 10 pax)

 Red Wine Chicken Soup 红酒鸡汤



Black Chicken Clear Soup Noodle | Springy BeeHoon, with Special Chilli Sauce 家乡面+特制辣椒



Succulent Dong Po Pork (Stewed pork with Traditional Chinese Wine) 东坡肉



Peppery Pig Stomach Soup 猪肚汤



Vegetarian Bak Kut Teh 素肉骨茶

Rm 10/pax


Mr Tin's Birthday Celebration buffet
Christmas Buffet
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